Laser Technology

Laser technology is used in almost every scope of life, from the miniscule lasers in CD players to the lasers used to scan groceries in the checkout line to the massive lasers in aeronautics design. The discovery of laser technology and the subsequent building of ever-improving lasers have benefited the human race tremendously, particularly through medical advances. Medical lasers cause medical procedures to be quicker, better, and easier than their traditional counterparts. The only drawback is increased cost.
Agricultural machinery Applications due to its own characteristics and the complexity of the work object, in particular the design of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is relatively backward processing means, to less innovation, new product development cycle, high costs, manufacturing quality and a bit rough, relatively short product life. In order to greatly improve the agricultural machinery manufacturing technology, and the parallel development of other machinery manufacturing industry, we must increase the laser and other advanced manufacturing technology application in agriculture and manufacturing; improve the agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises of modern production technology.
Laser sintering rapid prototyping is a key process in one way. The technology uses the principle of adding material layer by layer, three-dimensional solid model of the slice partition processing, generation of laser sintering of the scan path; and then arrested by xY laser scanning apparatus to scan a laser beam along the scanning path, assimilation with the body layer by layer sintered powder materials ( such as plastic powder, nylon powder, wax, ceramic or), the metal powder mixed with binder or metal powder, after sintering and the layer stack, the final form the required three-dimensional parts. This manufacturing method has forming speed, high precision and good surface quality, post-processing such as simple and time-saving features, is a viable technology for the development of manufacturing technology has created a new method.

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